The Powerful, Student-Centric SEL Program

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Spark. Empower. Transform.

Empowering teenagers with essential life skills to help them live a balanced and meaningful life through a process of self discovery and introspection.

Our platform is designed for innovative learning

Offering insightful and actionable
solutions for building essential life-skills.


  • Real time dashboards with in-the-moment assessments
  • Students learn more deeply through self-discovery
  • Named “Top 10” K-12 Solution for EdTech, by StartED


  • Full CASEL curriculum, in Google Classroom & Canvas, for middle & high schools.
  • Accompanied by web-app, available 24×7
  • Short, 5-10 min units: 1000+ experiential activities, 300+ videos  
  • Easy to facilitate by any teacher in class, advisory, or club


  • Preventative & evidence based solutions
  • 4+ yrs research with students, teachers, psychologists & life coaches 
  • Collaborating with SEL experts, Stanford researchers and Taarika Foundation.

Available with a web app on your computer or on your phone.


Bring Vivensity's imSparked Program To Your School

Give your students a solid foundation in personal development through a path of introspection and self-discovery. The platform supports the students by building resilience and developing life skills that energize their mind, body, emotion and connection. Our CASEL* aligned approach is based on microlearning, metacognition and positive psychology.