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The Importance of Growth Mindset

By Shradha Shendge Since coming to university, something that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently has been this idea of Growth Mindset. I’ve heard people throw this term around a lot, but it’s one thing to understand what it means and a completely different thing to actually put it into practice.  The easiest way to visualize growth mindset is by comparing it to a fixed mindset. American psychologist Carol Dweck studied these core neurological … Read More

Empowered Women, Empowering Women

By Malavika Eby My name is Malavika, I’m seventeen years old, and a first-generation immigrant to the United States as of 2008. My parents shifted their lives from South India to Northern California in their early-twenties, and while they may have physically left behind their relatives, childhood homes, and family pets, they never shed the values and thought patterns instilled in them by their closest influences from home.  Referring back to the old nature-versus-nurture debate, … Read More

The Importance of Journaling

By Megha Khanna When someone typically thinks about journaling, they imagine a pensive person, sitting comfortably in a chair, writing with a pen in an embellished journal. Though this can be what journaling looks like for some people, it is not the only way. It can also look like someone laying in bed typing on the notes app on their phone, or sitting on a train taking quick notes on a spiral notepad and even … Read More

The effects of the lockdown on an over-dramatic teenager

By Shriya Kulkarni Lockdown feels a lot like being grounded! You aren’t allowed to go outside or meet anybody, and if you do, you face mortal peril… Well, if not true mortal peril, at least something equally terrifying. The only difference between these two scenarios is that if you go outside, in one case you will incur the holy wrath of your parents, and in the other case you face the real risk of dying … Read More

A technique to deal with mental struggles

Almost every tween and teen has come face to face with a mental struggle. An essential part of adolescence is learning how to cope with and handle everyday struggles, both psychological and physical. How can you help yourself through a mental battle? How can you help others? How do you know which techniques work? From personal experience, I have learned that talking to someone that you are close to is the best way to help … Read More