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How Can My Personal Growth Lead to Common Good?

by Malavika Eby “I choose to believe we are each connected to one another, fingers of the same hand. Your progress is also my progress…So on this year’s SEL Day, I hope for one thing and one thing only: For all of you to feel happier, healthier, a part of something bigger than yourself, and supported from every direction, especially by your family here at Vivensity.” – Malavika Eby, Vivensity Intern As SEL Day approaches … Read More

The True Heart of Valentine’s Day: Healthy Communication in Relationships

By Shradha Shendge Valentine’s Day: a day that feels like an explosion of candy hearts, red roses, and pink tinsels & trimmings everywhere you go. I’ve personally found the past several Valentine’s Days to be overbearing in their commercial nature. But this year, I want to shift my focus to the true heart of this holiday: the relationships we cultivate in our lives. More specifically, I want to hone in on the communication you need … Read More

My Reflections on Age

By Jai Relan I turned 16 a couple of weeks ago and while going through the painstaking process of updating my age on every platform I have a presence on, I had a disconcerting eureka moment—I take a lot of pride in my ‘young’ age. For example, in my own eyes, my achievements are less impressive as a 16-year-old than when I was 15. Not to say that I haven’t achieved anything between my 15th … Read More

Making Mealtimes Meaningful

By Sarah Ungerer Tumpeng is my all-time favorite meal. It is a dish that includes a cone-shaped mountain of yellow rice with a variety of Indonesian entrées surrounding its base. The rich flavors of this food definitely contributes to my obsession; however, the biggest reason that I appreciate it is because of the memories associated with it. My family traditionally serves Tumpeng for momentous events, such as birthday celebrations, graduation parties, and Christmas dinners. And … Read More

Telly Time: Considering the Importance of TV Shows on Childhood Development

By Shradha Shendge Did you ever have that one comfort show that played a huge role in your childhood? Throughout elementary school, I was a certified PBS Kids and Disney Channel fan. Characters like Elmo, Arthur, and Curious George shaped my childhood more than I realized, and it is interesting to think about this in retrospect. While the shows I watched were funny, comforting, and entertaining, they also helped me learn more about myself and … Read More