Having Good Communication with your Friends

By Ritvi Ranka Having good communication with your friends, family, and significant others will help establish longer-lasting and more effective relationships. When people fight, their conflict can often be attributed to a lack of communication and not hearing either side out properly. But fear not! There are multiple things you can do to establish stronger connections. Here are some of my ideas that can help improve your communication skills: 1. Active Listening. Being able to … Read More

Tips to Study Smart and Efficiently

By Ritvi Ranka Being able to productively study for long periods of time without getting distracted is the ideal model for studying, but that doesn’t always happen. Procrastination was honestly one of my worst habits. I spent a little too much time thinking mindlessly when I really should have been doing work, but that’s okay! Because over time, I have learned to stray away from procrastination and work towards productive learning. During my (almost) three … Read More

Watch the Movie, not just the Highlight Reel

By Ritvi Ranka Before things started becoming more digital, filmmakers would use a spool called a film reel to project their movies. These reels were played in fast motion and projected for an audience to watch. And to promote their movies, filmmakers would compile a short highlight reel by making a compilation of the best parts of the film and sending those out through different avenues to attract the audience. But oftentimes, the actual movie … Read More

The Importance of Growth Mindset

By Shradha Shendge Since coming to university, something that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently has been this idea of Growth Mindset. I’ve heard people throw this term around a lot, but it’s one thing to understand what it means and a completely different thing to actually put it into practice.  The easiest way to visualize growth mindset is by comparing it to a fixed mindset. American psychologist Carol Dweck studied these core neurological … Read More

Empowered Women, Empowering Women

By Malavika Eby My name is Malavika, I’m seventeen years old, and a first-generation immigrant to the United States as of 2008. My parents shifted their lives from South India to Northern California in their early-twenties, and while they may have physically left behind their relatives, childhood homes, and family pets, they never shed the values and thought patterns instilled in them by their closest influences from home.  Referring back to the old nature-versus-nurture debate, … Read More