Making Mealtimes Meaningful

By Sarah Ungerer Tumpeng is my all-time favorite meal. It is a dish that includes a cone-shaped mountain of yellow rice with a variety of Indonesian entrées surrounding its base. The rich flavors of this food definitely contributes to my obsession; however, the biggest reason that I appreciate it is because of the memories associated with it. My family traditionally serves Tumpeng for momentous events, such as birthday celebrations, graduation parties, and Christmas dinners. And … Read More

Telly Time: Considering the Importance of TV Shows on Childhood Development

By Shradha Shendge Did you ever have that one comfort show that played a huge role in your childhood? Throughout elementary school, I was a certified PBS Kids and Disney Channel fan. Characters like Elmo, Arthur, and Curious George shaped my childhood more than I realized, and it is interesting to think about this in retrospect. While the shows I watched were funny, comforting, and entertaining, they also helped me learn more about myself and … Read More

The Arduous Task of Getting to Know Yourself

By Malavika Eby Hey there! It’s time to check in with yourself. Here are some questions—  Answer them in your head, I’ll do them too, and we’ll see how we do! What’s your favorite color, in general and in clothing? How long can you stay in a social setting before your energy runs out? What’s your favorite thing to daydream about? How do you feel about your life at large right now? When was the … Read More

Mapping Out Your Pockets of Time

By Sarah Ungerer What’s your favorite way to relax? Perhaps you’re a coffee drinker who loves to sit by the largest window of a cafe and read a good book. Maybe you like to turn on your Nintendo Switch and race your way to first place on Mario Kart. Or, like most people, it’s possible that you’re a fan of sitting back and relaxing in front of a television that’s playing one of the best … Read More

Self-Encouragement: A Partner in Your Journey

By Sarah Ungerer When we set goals for ourselves, it’s always easy to visualize the reward at the end of the road. We’ve all been there before–it feels so good to accomplish what we set forth to conquer. But why? What causes this pride and makes our achievements worth celebrating? Whether it’s New Year’s Day or the start of a brand new school year, many of us are constantly looking to discover ways that we … Read More