Mapping Out Your Pockets of Time

By Sarah Ungerer What’s your favorite way to relax? Perhaps you’re a coffee drinker who loves to sit by the largest window of a cafe and read a good book. Maybe you like to turn on your Nintendo Switch and race your way to first place on Mario Kart. Or, like most people, it’s possible that you’re a fan of sitting back and relaxing in front of a television that’s playing one of the best … Read More

Self-Encouragement: A Partner in Your Journey

By Sarah Ungerer When we set goals for ourselves, it’s always easy to visualize the reward at the end of the road. We’ve all been there before–it feels so good to accomplish what we set forth to conquer. But why? What causes this pride and makes our achievements worth celebrating? Whether it’s New Year’s Day or the start of a brand new school year, many of us are constantly looking to discover ways that we … Read More

Happy Giving!

By Malavika Eby This September 5th, as we commemorate International Day of Charity, let’s reflect on how we can give to those in need, in ways both big and small.  When you think of charity, what usually comes to mind? I think of soup drives, donation boxes, Goodwill… you get the idea. So with today’s article, I’ll focus on these practices which we customarily refer to as charity: donating money, clothes, toys and food, among … Read More

National Women’s Equality Day: Understanding Women’s Empowerment

By Ritvi Ranka With National Women’s Equality Day (8/26) right around the corner, I wanted to dissect one of the biggest events in Women’s History: the passing of the 19th Amendment. On May 21, 1919, the 19th Amendment of the Constitution was passed, which granted the right to vote regardless of one’s gender. Prior to 1920, women were oppressed politically, socially, and economically. Women were considered inferior to men and therefore were heavily discriminated against … Read More

“What Would You Do?” and the Key to Thoughtfulness

By Sarah Ungerer It’s a young boy’s birthday! He has his party hat on and is sitting down in front of a long, decorated wooden table at his favorite restaurant. His mom is by his side, but where is everybody else? You overhear their conversation and soon learn that none of his invited classmates have shown up to celebrate with him. The boy is upsettingly devastated and the mom is evidently stressed, scrambling to find … Read More