Emotional Learning

Are You Happy? You Decide.

By Malavika Eby Are you happy? Sorry, I know that’s somewhat of a loaded question. But considering that it is National Happiness Happens Day (8/8) after all, I can’t think of any better time to examine the role of happiness and emotional check-ins within our own lives. So first things first, let’s boomerang back to the question at hand: Are you happy?  Now, how do we answer that? Is happiness a moment-to-moment emotional state—a fleeting … Read More

Inside the Mind of a Chronic Procrastinator

By Shradha Shendge I’m sitting at my desk, palms clammy and fingers flying over my laptop keyboard—today is the day my midterm paper is due. Every few minutes, my eyes glance over at the time. The paper is coming along, but I sure do wish I had started earlier. I check over my work and hit submit at 11:45 p.m., letting out a sigh of relief.  If you’re a student, I’m sure you’ve been in … Read More

Making Choices: The Way to Becoming Your Own Best Boss

By Sarah Ungerer School starts at 8 a.m. During lunch, I head to a meeting with my counselor. When the last bell rings in the afternoon, I take a short walk across the street to work with my robotics team. After a few hours, I leave campus and head home for a virtual meeting. I close off the rest of my night by finishing up homework as fast as I possibly can, and head to … Read More

What Selena Gomez Can Teach Us About Mental Health

By Malavika Eby On this momentous occasion, otherwise known as Selena Gomez’s birthday, I’m thrilled to take the time to appreciate her work outside the music industry—namely in advocating for nationwide mental health education and awareness.  Not only has she pledged to raise $100 million dollars for mental health education through her cosmetics company, Rare Beauty, but she also accepted the 2019 McLean Award from McLean Hospital for her work to advance the public’s understanding … Read More

Cheers! Here’s to the Lonely!

By Malavika Eby Having good communication With “Cheer Up the Lonely” Day happening this month (7/11), I’m sure the select few of us who are already familiar with the holiday, have our sights set on the top three “Cheer Up the Lonely” moves we see in the media: 1) Random acts of kindness, like offering a rose to a stranger; 2) Sparking conversation/the acquaintance of someone sitting alone; 3) Complimenting someone out of the blue.  … Read More