Emotional Learning

What Selena Gomez Can Teach Us About Mental Health

By Malavika Eby On this momentous occasion, otherwise known as Selena Gomez’s birthday, I’m thrilled to take the time to appreciate her work outside the music industry—namely in advocating for nationwide mental health education and awareness.  Not only has she pledged to raise $100 million dollars for mental health education through her cosmetics company, Rare Beauty, but she also accepted the 2019 McLean Award from McLean Hospital for her work to advance the public’s understanding … Read More

Cheers! Here’s to the Lonely!

By Malavika Eby Having good communication With “Cheer Up the Lonely” Day happening this month (7/11), I’m sure the select few of us who are already familiar with the holiday, have our sights set on the top three “Cheer Up the Lonely” moves we see in the media: 1) Random acts of kindness, like offering a rose to a stranger; 2) Sparking conversation/the acquaintance of someone sitting alone; 3) Complimenting someone out of the blue.  … Read More

Stress vs. Burnout: Spot the Difference and Bounce Back

By Shradha Shendge In this day and age, value is placed heavily on one’s output and efficiency. Whether you are a full-time student or in a work setting, chances are that these demanding environments are taking a toll on you. You’ve probably heard a friend or colleague say, “I’m just so stressed right now, I have so much to get done,” or “I’m feeling exhausted and burned out.” You might have even been the one … Read More

World Chocolate Day: Trick-or-Treat Yourself

By Ritvi Ranka Trick or Treat! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. In elementary school, our teachers would put together a class party where every year we would watch the same Charlie Brown episode in the pumpkin patch and eat the same frosted sugar cookies. My favorite part was that in the evening, my friends and I would make a game plan to hit up all of the houses in the neighborhood and bring … Read More

Having Good Communication with your Friends

By Ritvi Ranka Having good communication with your friends, family, and significant others will help establish longer-lasting and more effective relationships. When people fight, their conflict can often be attributed to a lack of communication and not hearing either side out properly. But fear not! There are multiple things you can do to establish stronger connections. Here are some of my ideas that can help improve your communication skills: 1. Active Listening. Being able to … Read More