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Discussing introvertism in an outgoing world

In our world today, we are expected to be social and to have many friends. It is not a world for introverts, which can make them feel down about themselves. How can introverts fit into society? How can they feel better about themselves and the community?

I am an introvert, and I struggle to talk to people. I struggled with this for a while because everyone else was hanging out, and I wouldn’t be invited. Everyone else would have a ton of friends, and I would only have a small group. I was constantly comparing my life to everyone else’s life. Making comparisons didn’t boost my mood. Instead, it made me feel worse about myself. 

What helped was that I realized that “introvert” and “extrovert” are just categories. Introvert means that socializing drains your energy, whereas being an extrovert means that socializing gives you energy. You can still be an outgoing introvert and have lots of friends, but at the end of the day, you need a little time to yourself. There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. These categories shouldn’t determine how you see yourself because you cannot use these categories to reflect on your personality. 

P.C Alexis Brown

I encourage you to stop placing yourself into different groups and try to put yourself out there. Try things that you have never done before, but without the fear that you are less than anybody else. Many people are introverts, but they spend a significant amount of energy hiding it. If you’re an introvert, embrace yourself and celebrate your own good qualities. For the extroverts, try to welcome your fellow introverts and make them feel comfortable.  
By Brindha