Mobile Bookmark for imSparked

For iPhone

This is exciting, you are a few steps away from having imSparked on your iPhone. It’s easy, peasy!

Step 1: Click on the Safari Bowser, and enter the url “”.

Step 2: Click on the Share Icon

Step 3. In the Options below, Click on “Add to Home Screen”.

Step 4. You are done! Click on the imSparked icon to use the App.

You are done!

For Android Devices

In a few easy steps, you are all set with a shortcut to imSparked!

1. Use the Chrome browser, and enter

2. Click on the Share Icon. 

3. Select “Add to the Home screen.

4. You are done! Now, you are all set to use the imSparked icon

Add to Home Screen
Screenshot_20200324-161819_One UI Home