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Vivensity is offering a pilot opportunity to select 7th and 9th grade classes, in early 2021.

Vivensity will be selecting 5 highly motivated and committed middle and high schools that service English speaking students, and are actively working to improve their students’ social emotional wellbeing.

In this 3 to 4 month pilot, students and teachers will have complete access to our platform.

Schools get to experience a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the CASEL categories in a engaging series of 5-10 minute micro learning units that can be taught in 3-5 sessions per week. The units will be provided through Google Classroom for easy class management and tracking.

The guided learning strategies will include short activities that the students will perform by themselves, followed by activities that will encourage them to implement their knowledge in the classroom, family and community settings. The students will earn points for doing the various activities and rewards will be given to the most active and engaged students.

Educators will have additional supporting material for their own personal development. A comprehensive dashboard will provide real time usage updates.

Additionally, Vivensity provides an option for educators to invite parent(s) to join the pilot and receive supporting Adult SEL content and guidance that will provide opportunities for students to interact with parents at home.

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"It is so easy to use - I can recommend useful videos to students with 3 clicks!"
Eastside College Preparatory School
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"I get feedback from my students when I recommend - this is very effective."
Summit Denali Public School