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Our Podcast, From Vivensity Interns

About Spark Moment

Welcome to Spark Moment™, a podcast presented by the interns of Vivensity! Join us to hear conversations about wellness, life skills and social emotional learning (SEL), from high school and college students. We encourage students of all ages, educators, and interested adults to give us a listen!

This podcast represents the personal views of participating Vivensity interns, rather than endorsed statements by Vivensity, Inc.

“Spark Moment” has grown organically from intern vision and initiative, and has been encouraged by Vivensity as a forum for authentic student voices to connect, supporting young adult awareness & well-being.

Listen to "Spark Moment" here:

What Others Say About Us

Podcasts Showcasing Vivensity’s imSparked

Pitch Cafe Podcast:

WELLNESS HACKS as a Lifeskill for Students! Featuring Preeti Shrikhande, Vivensity

Thanks, Vida Patil for taking the time to talk to me in this podcast about the origins, purpose and goals of Vivensity! – Preeti Shrikhande, CEO & Founder of Vivensity

Coffee With Coaches

Interview with Preeti Shrikhande, CEO & Founder, Vivensity

Helping Others Helps You

In today’s fast-paced society, many people are led to believe that they’re alone in this world and start to take on an “everyone for themselves” mentality.
This creates a vicious cycle of negativity that convinces us to believe that we must only help ourselves and no one else to survive. That couldn’t be any further from the truth.
In this episode of Conversations with Coaches, Preeti tells us about her experiences helping people and how that has helped her as well in her growth as a person and in her career.
Preeti is passionate about empowering students with essential life skills to help them achieve their potential. She is also an experienced technologist and executive coach with over 28 years of experience in software architecture, design, development and engineering management, quality, and process improvement.


Listen to what others say about us

Interview with Malavika Eby, Vivensity Intern 

College freshman and author, Malavika Eby, shares how the imSparked Social Emotional Learning Program by Vivensity changed the course of her education and her life. Malavika’s 2020 book, The Gift That Keeps On Giving, provides a personal and detailed framework for self-growth and wellness for students of all ages.

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