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 imSparked is a life-skills microlearning App for middle and high school students, which helps them manage their day to day situations and energize using short actionable videos and Spark activities.

Comprehensive Library

Engaging and relatable content generated by experts and high school students.

Engaging and Relatable

Promotes micro-learning through reflections and intention setting.

Weekly Featured Video

Covers grade-wise SEL content.

Customizable Content

Teachers can recommend content to individual students or groups.

Energizers for the mind, body, emotion and connection

Recharge with exclusive activity "Sparks" that are short and fun! Share with friends, peers to learn and connect.

Built-In Impact Tracking

Our smart in-app analytics and measurement systems allow the individual users to track personal development using interactive dashboards. Teachers and schools are provided anonymized group usage dashboards that give them a real-time pulse of the students.

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