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imSparked© by Vivensity™

Life Skills & SEL Program For Adolescents | Grades 6-12

Measurable Results

Flexible & Easy-to-use

Engaging & Empowering

imSparked Program Includes 4 Components:

Learning Units

  • CASEL-aligned to promote self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.
  • Digital tools promote student-driven learning, reflection, & self-discovery.
  • Students connect with peers, family, and their broader community.
  • Classroom learning units are accessed via Canvas, Google Classroom, Schoology or Moodle.
Want to see an imSparked Learning Unit?

Video Library

  • 300+ highly curated, engaging videos & audios, bundled in themes relevant to students’ lives.
  • Educators share ready-to-go bundles through LMS, for student selection.
  • Available to students 24/7 from their computer, tablet, phone or other mobile device.

Real-Time Dashboard

  • Real-time dashboards present “in-the-moment” classroom reflections.
  • Teachers can monitor individual or group progress, feedback and learning.
  • Principals can make informed decisions from aggregated data, preserving student privacy.

Co-Learning Programs for Teachers, Parents & Staff

  • Learning units customized for teachers, parents & school staff (parallel to student version).
  • Community-wide approach prioritizes everyone’s social & emotional well-being.

Teens develop skills like these with imSparked!

Understanding perspective of others   |   Reaching out to others   |   Listening actively   |   Sharing your feelings openly with others   |   Caring about others   |   Acknowledging others   |   Taking genuine interest in others   |   Sharing and talking about interests with others   |   Being yourself   |   Considering how you make others feel   |   Acknowledging what you have in common with others   |   Making others feel heard and valued   |   Offering honest compliments to others   |   Being supportive of others   |   Understanding what you want from relationships   |   Communicating clearly   |   Understanding boundaries   |   Treating others with respect   |   Giving people your time   |   Becoming aware of judgments or assumptions you make about people   |   Resisting tendencies to judge or assign labels to people   |   Learning to trust others   |   Accepting differences   |   Celebrating differences   |   Developing empathy   |   Learning to give and take feedback
A Strategic Approach to Social - Emotional Learning: One District's Story

District Coordinator Explains … “imSparked Is Best”

“I went to tons of workshops and looked at so many SEL resources. Vivensity’s imSparked Program was the best fit for us for multiple reasons,” reports Blair. ” It was so simple for teachers, even my reluctant teachers. It fit into all the content areas and kids having 24/7 access became so important during Covid. We had a lot of kids depressed and disengaging. Being able to put these curated videos, already aligned to CASEL, and at their fingertips was exactly what was needed.”

- High School District Wellness Coordinator, William Blair (Mountain View Los Altos Unified HS District) - interview by EdCuration

Middle School Principal Confirms: “imSparked is Easiest!”

“Overall, I feel your imSparked platform and program are the easiest for teachers to implement.”

  • “Other programs have slide decks teachers have to prep for and teach, or they have self-guided PowerPoint type activities for the kids to click through independently.
  • The videos on the imSparked platform and app communicate to students in the way that they receive information on a daily basis.”

- Principal Corinne Pacheco, Peter Hansen School / Lammersville Unified School District - 6/10/22

Teens Naturally Engage With imSparked

When do we use imSparked?

How do we use imSparked?

imSparked Aligns With CASEL

Proudly advancing
“The Vivensity Way™”

  • Student-centric design.
  • Reaching, teaching & assessing teens with BEST practices, for well-being & skill development.
  • imSparked’s pioneering “In-The-Moment” self-reflections are the most meaningful way to promote & measure SEL skill proficiency for middle & high schoolers.