The True Heart of Valentine’s Day: Healthy Communication in Relationships

By Shradha Shendge Valentine’s Day: a day that feels like an explosion of candy hearts, red roses, and pink tinsels & trimmings everywhere you go. I’ve personally found the past several Valentine’s Days to be overbearing in their commercial nature. But this year, I want to shift my focus to the true heart of this holiday: the relationships we cultivate in our lives. More specifically, I want to hone in on the communication you need … Read More

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Making the Journey Count

In a fast-paced and competitive world, productivity is seen as the ultimate key to accomplishment. Having this “drive to strive” for achievement has pushed people to do the most possible so that the best outcome arises. Whether it is about trying to impress our parents or attending the most prestigious college, we often put forth our best effort when there is a grand prize waiting for us at the end. However, isn’t the journey to … Read More