Our Team

Our Team

Meet the team behind Vivensity

Preeti Shrikhande

Founder & CEO
Preeti is passionate about human well-being in all its aspects - physical, emotional, mental and intellectual. She has Masters degrees in Computer Science and Statistics, and 28+ years of experience in several technology companies including Sun, Paypal, Rational, Broadvision and Compubahn, in roles from developer to Vice President. She was well on her way to higher accomplishments in the corporate world, when a spate of 5 suicides at her sons' school in 2009, shocked her to the core. She became determined to understand what life challenges influence today's youth and resolved to find a solution. She got certified as a life coach and dedicated herself to research the wisdom that has been tried and tested by many. She founded Vivensity with the goal of making this wisdom easily available to support students in their social, emotional and academic development. She has been a long-time meditator and a certified yoga teacher and enjoys skiing, hiking, dancing and reading.

Amruta Gokhale

Psychologist & Director of Content Methodology
Amruta is a Psychologist and has over 19 years of experience in the field of Psychology and Education. She has been on the faculty at SNDT University Pune, in the Post Graduate Department of Psychology, and has taught courses like Applied Social, Adjustment, Counselling and Assessment in Psychology. Over the years she has designed modules and conducted workshops for students in various areas of self-development like Self Awareness, Creativity, Communication, etc. Amruta also conducts activity-based training sessions for students, parents and professionals in the areas of mental, emotional, social health and well-being. She believes in applying theories and research in psychology for the betterment of society at large. Amruta loves being with students and helping them realize their potential. She also loves to write.

Rita Sarathy

Director of Engineering
Rita Sarathy has held several engineering roles for the past 25 years in the tech industry. She has worked in various sized companies, ranging from startups like Lantern Communications, mid-sized companies like Akamai to Fortune 500 companies like Apple and Cisco. Rita has a deep understanding of networking infrastructure and distributed systems. As a parent, Rita realized there was a dearth of mental and emotional health coaching for students in middle and high schools to manage their stress in a stimulus-driven environment. She is very excited to develop and market Vivensity’s imSparked platform, that supports the intellectual, emotional and social well-being of these adolescents.

Sufi Advani

Director of Content Management
Sufi has worked 10+ years in healthcare services as a Medical Technologist at Abbott Labs and Abaxis. She has been teaching youth as part of the Youth Empowerment Seminar (www.skyschools.org) which is a dynamic and fun program that provides a comprehensive set of practical tools for releasing stress, mastering emotions, and raising self-awareness. Having seen how much benefit teens have experienced through this program, Sufi is excited to be part of Vivensity’s vision of promoting and enhancing the wellbeing of youth. She has 2 sons who are recent college graduates.

Marion Goldstein

Director of Strategic Partnerships
Marion brings 20+ years of experience applying the learning sciences to the development, implementation, and evaluation of technology-integrated programs for use in schools, homes, and community settings. Tapping into the assets and needs of children, teachers, and parents is central to her work, as is translating research findings into resources that positively impact learning, engagement, and instructional practices. Marion earned her Ed.D. in Educational Technology and Human Development at Teachers College, Columbia University. Throughout her 12 years at Education Development Center (EDC), her R&D work focused on improving the developmentally appropriate use of technology in PreK–12 teaching and learning. She is thrilled to join Vivensity and expand the team to the East Coast!

Sujata Verma

Director of Assessment and Analytics
Sujata is a professor emeritus of Economics and has over 20 years of experience teaching undergraduate Business and Economics. Her award-winning research in International Economics has been widely cited in academic journals. She has received recognition for her innovative curriculum development in community-based learning and research in happiness studies. As a former Business Program Director, she has been a strong advocate for improving the academic experience and well-being of students. She has trained as a data scientist and brings her passion for education, wellness, and data analytics to her role at Vivensity to help students enhance their social and emotional learning. She loves spending time with her family and being surrounded by nature.

Kathy Hovsmith

Director of Marketing
Kathy is a technology marketer with Silicon Valley start-up and Fortune 500 experience. She enjoys raising brand awareness, growing demand, and expanding communities of delighted customers. A core thread of Kathy’s career history has been supporting organizations with unique purpose and passion, including Apple and innovative start-ups. Vivensity extends this theme with a game-changing solution for SEL skill development that’s deeply needed, and also extremely moving to Kathy as a parent, with her years of support for childhood education and wellness. Kathy graduated from Princeton, with her MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Outside of work, Kathy sings tight-harmony jazz.

Current Interns

Nicole Tin

Nicole is currently enrolled at UC Berkeley for immunology and pathogenesis. The buzzing workplace at Vivensity earned her dedication in early 2017, and she has been an intern for them ever since. She is a lover of all things R&B and enjoys exploring new places with her family and friends.

Anusha Goyal

Anusha is currently enrolled at UC Santa Cruz. She’s been working with Vivensity since the summer of 2017, and she’s been volunteering at a group residential home for over a year. When she’s not working or at school, she loves books, photography, traveling, watching movies, and spending time with her family.

Sarah Ungerer

Sarah is a senior at Presentation High School with a keen interest in the fields of communication, marketing, public relations, and psychology. She joined Vivensity as a student intern towards the end of December 2017. Sarah has enjoyed being part of the team and the incredible environment. In addition to her active involvement with robotics and mental health programs at school, she enjoys a variety of activities, which include hiking, traveling, photography, graphic design, and basketball.

Elan Loeb

Elan is a multimedia artist and educator. Her path has taken her from cross-cultural natural resource management projects in Jordan to advocating for LGBTQ homeless individuals in Silicon Valley, to studying the potential uses of VR for mental health interventions, to starting her own mindful tutoring business, Lavender Learn. Through these experiences, Elan honed her values of imagination, communication, and playfulness. She came to mindfulness in college after observing the effects of chronic stress on herself and her peers at Cornell. She is excited to work with Vivensity to help students manage stress, learn communication skills, and cultivate joy.

Jai Relan

Jai Relan is a 13-year-old high school student who has interests in human behaviour analysis, computer science, movie making, photography/videography, and design. He hopes that his work with Vivensity can make an impact and can help the world become a better place. Jai joined Vivensity in the summer of 2019. Apart from this, Jai is a blogger who writes about science in our daily lives and also takes part in several environmental programs. Jai has worked in the field of inclusion, robotics, research, environmental and human-centred design in the past. He is excited to be on the Vivensity team and enjoys helping students in highschool with their problems.

Shriya Kulkarni

Shriya is an 8th grader who lived in New Jersey for 9 years before moving to India. She joined Vivensity in the summer of 2019 and is eager to promote the importance of teen well being with them. She also wants to ensure that teenagers can live meaningful, self-aware lives. Shriya is an avid reader and is passionate about basketball. She also loves to sing and has been learning Indian classical music since the age of six. She is the captain of her schools’ sports club as well.

Tal Hadar

Tal is a mental health advocate who shares her own stories and experiences through her art. She strongly believes that the more we create dialogue around mental illness and mental health- the more we can destigmatize and normalize it! Tal graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Cultural Anthropology. She now works at a Counseling Center in Santa Cruz as an Administrative Assistant and as the Community Outreach Coordinator. She hopes to be able to join a Graduate Program in pursuit of a career in Counseling soon! In her free time, she likes cooking, going on walks, and gardening. Tal joined Vivensity in 2019 and is very grateful to be able to help others and incorporate her passion for mental wellness.

Brindha Ramanathan

Brindha is a sophomore at Notre Dame High School in Belmont. She joined Vivensity in early December 2019. Her goal is to spread awareness about teen mental health and help others find ways to reach out and get the support they need. At school, she is a part of the Ambassador Club and the Kids of the World Club. She was born in Australia and moved to California when she was six. She has been playing piano for nine years and counting and loves listening to hip hop, rap, and pop music. Brindha is passionate about making jewelry and sewing, and she is interested in pursuing careers in genetics, mental health, or engineering.

Malavika Eby

Malavika is a junior at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino. Since a young age, she’s been passionate about caring for the happiness and wellbeing of the people around her and hopes to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Her favorite subjects are psychology and economics. With Vivensity, which she joined in the winter of 2019, her goals are to identify her interests within psychology and gain some experience with the real-life application of SEL tools. As for hobbies, Malavika thoroughly enjoys painting, writing, dancing, and taking vocal music lessons. She also holds a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and pursues her Visharad degree in Bharatanatyam.

Megha Khanna

Meg is a 16-year-old high school student at Summit Denali. She joined Vivensity in February of 2020. She envisions herself working in the field of mental wellness for the youth. Her passion includes increasing accessibility to mental health resources in Silicon Valley. Meg appreciates the opportunity to work alongside the team at Vivensity, which is furthering her mission to promote self-care, build mental health awareness, and provide support. Outside of academics, her other interests include painting, creative writing, learning languages, traveling, and spending time with friends.

Samika Saste

Samika is a junior at Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills, California. She is a very social person with intentions of always helping everyone around her. By joining Vivensity, Samika has the hopes to spread mental health awareness on a grand scale. She aspires to become a psychiatrist to continue being a positive influence for those who are struggling. Samika's hobbies and passions include participating in her school track team, Bollywood dance, reading, painting, and talking to her family and friends.

Sania Khanzode

Samika is a junior at Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills, California. She is a very social person with intentions of always helping everyone around her. By joining Vivensity, Samika has the hopes to spread mental health awareness on a grand scale. She aspires to become a psychiatrist to continue being a positive influence for those who are struggling. Samika's hobbies and passions include participating in her school track team, Bollywood dance, reading, painting, and talking to her family and friends.

Ritvi Ranka

Ritvi Ranka is a junior at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino. She has always found joy in working with people and learning from their experiences. When joining Vivensity in November of 2020, she was excited to help curate modules for teenagers to understand and develop their sense of self. Through this, she was able to learn about social and emotional learning and how to effectively apply skills to have compassion, become goal-oriented, and overcome challenges. Outside of Vivensity, Ritvi spends time volunteering through Girl Scouts and currently is working to build a device that works to sanitize doorknobs to help bring back the workforce. In addition, Ritvi loves to run, cook yummy vegan food, and hang out with her older sister!

Manav Thakkar

Manav is a freshman in high school, who is currently attending Los Gatos High School. He officially joined Vivensity in the winter of 2019. He is hard-working, determined, and friendly, all tied together with a strong work ethic. Manav is a fantastic marketer and is currently developing two apps. Although he keeps himself very occupied, he lives quite a balanced life. He goes to the gym and enjoys playing basketball, football, and swimming.

Shradha Shendge

Shradha is currently enrolled at The Ohio State University studying English Literature and Global Public Health. She joined Vivensity in January of 2021 after seeing the toll of the pandemic on students' mental health. Alongside Vivensity's team, Shradha is excited to advocate for balanced lifestyles among the youth and young adults. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Past Interns

Jai Bhatnagar


Arunav Gupta


Benjamin Lee

UX Design Intern

Maya Chawla


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