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The effects of the lockdown on an over-dramatic teenager

By Shriya Kulkarni

Lockdown feels a lot like being grounded! You aren’t allowed to go outside or meet anybody, and if you do, you face mortal peril… Well, if not true mortal peril, at least something equally terrifying. The only difference between these two scenarios is that if you go outside, in one case you will incur the holy wrath of your parents, and in the other case you face the real risk of dying from the novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19.

But this extended lockdown raises some really important questions about some really important things. They are on the lines of, “This lockdown is so long! Is it ever going to end!?” “Am I going to grow old like this?” “Will I ever see the light of day again?” “When will I get to meet my friends!?” “Will I even remember what it’s like to go outside after this!?” I am sure all of you will agree that these are the most vital questions to ask right now.

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Everyone has different opinions on the lockdown. Some people think that it is all for the best, while others think that it’s totally unnecessary. For my part, I am torn. I know this lockdown is to protect us, but I have started to hate it. When it first began, I loved the idea of staying at home all day, missing school, reading and basically doing whatever I wanted to. After a while, I figured out that it wasn’t entirely going to be that way. The first signs that things were changing came from my school when they asked us to set up Google Classroom. Then when they started sending tests and assignments for us to complete, I realized that the lockdown wasn’t going to be as fun as I had imagined. And if online school wasn’t enough, I was expected to help around the house by doing more household chores too.

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Most people are using this quarantine to spend more time with their families. Although I enjoy ‘bonding’ with my family, there is one ‘tiny’ problem: when we are all together, we argue too much. From what game to play to who has to wash the dishes, we argue about everything! But when we sort out our differences, we have the most  fun and amazing times together.

Through all of this, I still have a few things keeping me tethered to the edge of sanity. Even though I dislike being stuck at home, I am trying to make the most of it by looking at the bright side. I mean, how many times in your life will you get to binge-watch movies without anybody stopping you? But it isn’t all about movies. I have discovered that I have some skill as a baker, and I am also trying to learn a language!

Even though I’m not particularly fond of it, I’ve got to admit that this experience has changed my life in multiple ways. I realized that I can learn an endless amount of new and interesting things on the internet. Not just me, but students all around the world have experienced and gotten used to online learning.

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Adults are rediscovering their long-forgotten childhood passions and hobbies, too. Our life has changed for the better. The application of technology has turned it into one where we can do everything from the comfort of our homes. One where we have realized that we use more than we need in our daily lives. So although the lockdown has affected the life of nearly everyone on the planet, how we let it affect us is our choice. Just think; in January, almost five months ago, the words ‘pandemic’, ‘coronavirus’, and ‘social distancing’ were hardly in anyone’s vocabulary. We can complain about how the pandemic and the lockdown are affecting us. Or we can use this unique experience to understand how quickly the world can change and learn to be adaptable and resilient.