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The Transition

From high school to college. From childhood to adulthood. From immaturity to responsibility. These are some of the changes I encountered upon moving into a dorm in order to begin a new chapter of my life. No one to wake me up in the morning, make breakfast, or do my laundry, among other things. While the sense of independence may seem refreshing, it certainly comes with various demanding responsibilities and subsequent consequences. Without adequate social-emotional skills, handling the changes in everyday life can seem daunting, especially when there is a sudden change in environment, such as moving to a new city, sleeping in a new bed, tasting different food, and much more.

The principles of social emotional learning (SEL) could certainly be seen in application at a massive university, such as Arizona State, where at every step of learning, students are offered resources for self-management and self-awareness while expected to maintain social awareness, build healthy relationships, and make responsible decisions to succeed. With these five pillars building the foundation of an individual, establishing and applying social-economic skills in an effective manner becomes habitual. In college, knowing how to manage emotions is key to avoiding any unnecessary interference or hindrance in day-to-day life as the weekly workload can get taxing in and of itself.