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Free Trial Opportunity!

Vivensity is offering free trials to middle and high school classes.

To support students, teachers and administrators with the challenging task of transitioning back to school, we are offering free* trials of the imSparked SEL platform.

*Sponsorship is available if you sign up by April 15th.


Our comprehensive CASEL aligned curriculum, integrated with Google Classroom and Canvas, provides engaging and actionable mini-lessons with 5-10 minute videos and activities followed by introspections and reflections. It also provides an integrated dashboard for teachers and administrators to get a real time pulse of the students’ activities. Data is anonymously aggregated to preserve student privacy. The curriculum units are all self directed and can be easily facilitated by any teacher in class, advisory, or after-school club . We also have co-learning units for teachers and parents. 

Please fill in the Signup Form to participate in the FREE trial!

Highlights of the imSparked platform: 

  • Real-time dashboards with student impact data.
  • No training required for teachers.
  • Additional Webapp  available 24/7 for Students and Teachers.

Details of Trial: 


  • Registration Deadline: APRIL 15 for FREE trial. 
  • Choose between 4, 6, 8, or 10 weeks for trial duration.


  • FREE when registration completed by April 15, 2021 (sponsored by Taarika  foundation of adolescent psychiatrists)

 Benefits for participants:

  • Participating teachers get a certificate for professional development.
  • Trial schools eligible for Fall 2021 curriculum discounts. 
  • Real-time feedback on anonymized student impact.

Teacher Involvement:

  • Teachers from any department can participate, no training required.
  • One click assignment through Google Classroom and Canvas.
  • Teachers get instant feedback on student participation and responses. 

Class Time Required:

  • Minimum 5-10 minutes / week  in-class time. 
  • Recommendation is for 3-5 sessions per week (of 5/15/30 mins each).

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ImSparked in Action
"It is so easy to use - I can recommend useful videos to students with 3 clicks!"
Eastside College Preparatory School
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"I get feedback from my students when I recommend - this is very effective."
Summit Denali Public School