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Vivensity Expands imSparked SEL Program to Schoology & Moodle

Pioneering Teen SEL Program Now Available on Four LMS Platforms

April 12, 2022 | Palo Alto, CA – Responding to broader demand for its Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program, designed specifically for Grades 5-12, Vivensity announced today that imSparked© is now available on two additional Learning Management System (LMS) platforms, Schoology and Moodle, in addition to the previously supported Canvas and Google Classrooms.

With four available platforms, it is now even easier for middle and high school leaders throughout the US and Canada to implement Vivensity’s effective and measurable SEL program.

  • Owned by PowerSchool, Schoology is a Learning Management System for schools that allows for collaborative, cloud-based classroom management. Supporting both in-person and distance learning, Schoology is used by over 20 million students, teachers, parents and administrators around the world. (Source:
  • Moodle is an open-source Learning Management System offering free access with a GNU General Public License, customizable and used by 311 million learners worldwide, in over 240 countries and over 100 languages. (Source:

Vivensity’s Founder and CEO, Preeti Shrikhande, offered her perspective on the new opportunities this opens up for school leaders who are looking for the top SEL program for adolescents:

“At Vivensity, our mission is to empower teens with the skills they need to live a balanced and meaningful life. We know imSparked is filling a deep need. 86% of teachers and 92% of students using our SEL program report that imSparked is engaging and helpful! In addition to other positive impacts, after just 10 weeks with our program, 60% of students reported they were better at handling stress, and 75% were more aware of different decision-making strategies.

Middle and high school students WANT imSparked in their schools because the skills they develop help them build deeper awareness, competence, and confidence to cope with daily challenges. Expanding our LMS platorms to include Schoology and Moodle means that more teens, at more middle and high schools, will be able to develop critical skills to fuel their success, in school and beyond. It also means that we can partner with more school administrators to support students and the entire school community.”

– Preeti Shrikhande, Founder & CEO, Vivensity

Vivensity’s ImSparked program has been recognized as a Top-10 Edtech Solution for K-12 (by StartEd, April 2021), garnering strong support from students, teachers, parents, and school administrators. Filling a gap in the marketplace for SEL solutions designed specifically for teens, ImSparked is responsive to the unique and diverse strengths, preferences, and needs of adolescents. ImSparked has also received Learner Variability Certification from Digital Promise, signaling its success in creating a product that supports a variety of learners.

  • In addition to interactive classroom activities that can be facilitated by any teacher, imSparked includes a 24×7 Web App with a curated library of 300+ short videos (like “Netflix for Life Skills”) to help students navigate daily challenges. Both the classroom activities and the Web App offer flexibility to support student-directed learning, through a process of introspection and experience-based discovery, along with opportunities to connect with classmates, family and community.
  • imSparked also includes Data Dashboards for teachers and administrators to track progress, identify SEL needs, and tailor instruction for individual students. ImSparked’s pioneering use of in-the-moment assessments provides rich and nuanced insights into students’ learning, with real-time feedback to help administrators make informed decisions.
  • Rounding out the product offering, imSparked also includes co-learning programs for teachers, parents, and other staff, thereby enabling the entire school community to develop a shared vocabulary and build essential life skills together.

Press Contact:

Kathy Hovsmith | Vivensity |

About Vivensity

Vivensity is committed to empowering teens with the life skills they need to be successful socially, emotionally and academically. Vivensity’s imSparked© SEL Program engages middle and high school students through brief, 5-10 minute multimedia activities that connect students with peers, family and community. This CASEL-aligned, experience-based program supports students to build skills through reflection and self-discovery, for immediate and long-term benefit. Robust teacher supports offer ease and flexibility. ImSparked is now available on four Learning Management Systems (LMS): Schoology, Moodle, Canvas, and Google Classroom. Contact Vivensity to empower your students with imSparked: