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A technique to deal with mental struggles

Almost every tween and teen has come face to face with a mental struggle. An essential part of adolescence is learning how to cope with and handle everyday struggles, both psychological and physical. How can you help yourself through a mental battle? How can you help others? How do you know which techniques work?

From personal experience, I have learned that talking to someone that you are close to is the best way to help yourself. Throughout 2019, I had a lot of ups and downs. My worst stages were when I felt extremely down and hated myself and the world. In March 2019, I decided to try something new. I vented to my best friend about all of my feelings. Doing this helped so much for several reasons. I felt lighter because I didn’t have to keep my feelings inside anymore. I had someone who I could trust and who could help me to see the good in the day. 

P.C Andrea Tummons

Although talking to my best friend helped a lot, I wasn’t completely “cured,” but I was less distracted, and I was able to focus on other important tasks. Talking to someone can feel silly and force you to push down those feelings and put a cap on it, but I encourage you to open the lid and get all the emotions out. No one is going to judge you for feeling this way, especially a loved one. When I first told my best friend about my depression, I thought that I was stupid and that I shouldn’t be feeling this way. But I realized that so many people go through this and that I’m not alone.

This method is one of several different ways to deal with mental struggles. We are all different, which means that we have various ways of dealing with emotions. Talking to someone may work for some, but not others. I challenge you to find a way that works for you and share the technique with others to help them too. 

By Brindha